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This page gives details of our special Jubilee Programme for London Schools May - June 2002

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The Bold Balladiers wish to express their thanks to Trust for London for making this project possible
  1. To familiarise Key Stage 2 pupils with Victorian/Edwardian culture through the popular songs and music of the period
  2. To give them an active role in the theatre event
  3. To encourage artistic talent both musical and visual
  4. To revive the enjoyable but dying art of home music-making
  5. To give pupils a life-long memory of the Golden Jubilee

  1. Preliminary preparation at school of pieces provided
  2. Participation in and listening to songs in a one hour presentation in a each school
  3. General questions and answers about the Victorians
  4. Vocal instruction at the events
  5. Demonstrations of instruments and how they work
  6. Involvement for children with the theatre concert
  7. A Victorian Quiz based on the ballads
  8. A drawing competition (the winners on this page)
  9. A costume competition
  10. Follow-up work at school

The children gained
  1. An understanding of Victorian attitudes towards love, death, poverty, loyalty, war, travel, other nations, &c. KS2 6c
  2. First-hand knowledge of a selection of period songs KS2 3a,5a
  3. Vocal skills leading to enhanced self-expression KS2 5c
  4. Listening to and identifying sounds and moods KS2 6a, 6b

  1. Class discussion
  2. Written work in pictures and stories
  3. Continued use of songs
  4. Guidance with further repertoire
  5. Writing to and emailing The Bold Balladiers
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Schools visited were

Whiteheath Junior School, Ruislip, Middlesex
Bishop Winnington-Ingram C of E Junior School, Ruislip
Minet Junior School, Hayes, Middx
Bedfont Junior School, Hounslow, Middx
Vaughan Middle School, West Harrow, Middx
Collis Primary School, Teddington, Middx
Meadlands Primary School, Ham, Surrey


Good-bye to the
              Beck Theatre
Farewell from The Beck Theatre, Hayes
June 13th 2002



"The enthusiasm you have for this was evident and definitely rubbed off on the children"

- Head of Year 6, Minet Junior School

"All the children dressed up and had a fine time at the show"

- Ruislip & Northwood Gazette

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Winners so far in our Drawing Competition

Pretty Polly 1
Hollie Jones (10 yrs old) Minet Junior School


Up in a Balloon small
Anon Minet Junior School


Paddle your own canoe

Jade Kelly (11 yrs old) Minet Junior School


The Bold Balladiers 1

Scott Standen Minet Junior School


Up in a Balloon blue

Nita Rajani (10),Vaughan School


The Bold Balladiers 2

Anon Minet Junior School


Up in a Balloon (large)

Michaela Huckle Minet Junior School


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